Education for Girl Child-Gauri Hazarika

Education for Girl Child

I  ask you all so earnestly to open girl school in every village and try to uplift them. If the condition of woman are raised, then their Children will, by their noble actions, glorify the name of the country”. — Swami Vivekananda

Girls naturally proceed to become mother of children. Mothers function is to give their children a sound nursing and healthy upbringing. Woman can convince all ranges of people in the family the value and importance of education and again they can make people know at a broad level how woman education can help in socio economic development of the nation.

Education for girls is like planting of trees which nourish the broader need of the family. There was great importance of girls’ education in ancient time the example of which are Gargi and Maitreyi. They encouraged others for girls’ education and they devoted themselves for spreading the same.

But in the mediaeval period even in recent time woman are neglected by society in most places. Child marriage, Purdan system etc. are some of the social evils that stand as hindrance in the progress of girls’ education. In some places female infanticide is still prevailing. Both poverty and illiteracy among people are the main causes that compel parents to develop attitude like this. But some changes have been occurred in the sentiment of people and parents and considerable progress in the field of education of girls is coming to the focus although not in everywhere but in some states.

Various activities has been taken by the government for encouraging girls’ education. Example of such activities are introduction of television in rural areas, the 33% of reservation for females in Panchayats, 30% reservation to woman candidates’ etc., provide encouraging role in enhancing girl education. Various self-employment schemes, Women Entrepreneur development Programme, self-help groups of women etc. sensitize parents to educate their daughters.

Educated women can help in annihilation of various social evils like dowry, killing the female foetus, discrimination in the matter of education of the girls, illiteracy and so on existing in the society.

If the woman representative of the Panchayats are educated they can implement the government programmes such as population control, polio eradication, rural areas development programmes where Cooperate and Coordination of rural masses are necessary.

Success of a person whether men or women mainly depends on education. Education makes women efficient and arouse self-confidence within them. It makes them active and responsive. Educated women can exert influence in the decision of family than any other members of the family. Charles Fourier said, “One could judge the degree of civilization of a country by the social and political position of its women.” Function of educated women is not confined only to the progress and prosperity of the family but also contribute largely to political and social progress of the nation as a whole. Napoleon said “Give me good mothers and I will give you a great nation.


Education helps women in developing skills in making decisions and in imposing influence for bringing changes in some community key areas-HIV, AIDS, population growth, peace and security and diminishing gap between rich and poor. Educated girls can lead a better life and can bring changes to the destiny of her children and also can provide financial help to her family. Educated woman knows properly, to take health care of their family members. They know better how to deal with women’s issues like divorce or in some situations of domestic violence.

Education brings courage and wisdom to women and help them in developing the sense of self-reliant, self-respect. They realize the importance of proper guidance for their children and like to spend more time in educating their own children. They give equal importance to both girls and boys. Moulton J said, “Educated woman earn money, create more social change through organized and collective actions.” Hence, women education can help as an efficient tool in reducing the incidence of trafficking girls to brothels, in arousing environmental awareness within people, reducing the brutal attitude of terrorism etc.

Gauri Hazarika