National Voters’ Day celebrated in Assam Governor calls upon new voters to cast votes for a stronger democracy

National Voters’ Day celebrated in Assam Governor calls upon new voters to cast votes for a stronger democracy

Guwahati, January: With a view to generate awareness among the young voters for effective participation in the electoral process, Assam Governor    Prof. Jagdish Mukhi today called upon the voters of all age groups especially the new voters to exercise their franchise for a stronger, participatory and vibrant democracy.

          Attending as the Chief Guest in the 12th National Voters’ Day organised by the Election department at Pragjyoti  ITA  Cultural Centre in the city today, the Governor said, “The first National Voters’ Day was observed in India in the year 2011 to generate awareness among young voters to take part in the electoral process. Celebration of National Voters’ Day has great significance. As we know, the right to vote constitutes the basic democratic right of every Indian citizen who has his or her name enrolled in the voter list. It is the duty of every eligible Indian citizen to register his or her name in the electoral roll”.

 The Governor also said that the officials mandated for the task should ensure that every eligible citizen is registered in the electoral roll following statutory procedures. Registration as a voter bestows an Indian Citizen the right to vote and in turn, elect a government of his choice. A better informed and educated voter can always choose a better candidate through the electoral process.

It may be noted that the theme of this year’s National Voters’ Day, 2022 which is “Making elections Inclusive, Accessible and Participative.” This theme is integrated to the existing cardinal principles of the Election Commission of India which puts emphasis on registration of every eligible citizen as a voter, conduct of elections in a free, fair and safe manner and provide assured minimum facilities to voters at the polling booths. It is important that voters get the minimum facilities of toilets, drinking water, waiting sheds, ramps, wheelchairs in every polling booth on the polling day.

          The Governor hailed the efforts of the Commission to make elections inclusive, accessible and participative. In order to make the registration and other processes faster, smoother and error free, submission of applications through online mode through various digital platforms have been encouraged.  Moreover, during special summary revision in Assam, more than 76 per cent of applications have been received online.

Prof.Mukhi appealed to all the officials of the electoral system to work tirelessly and sincerely to make elections inclusive, accessible and participative in truest sense. He also congratulated the office of the Chief Electoral Officer guided by the Election Commission of India for having conducted the recent General Elections to Assam Legislative Assembly, 2021, in a free, fair and safe manner. Conducting the elections in COVID pandemic was hugely a challenging task. The Governor also expressed happiness that the state showing exemplary discipline and dedication has bagged the Best Performing State for Election Management.

The Governor further called upon the eligible citizens to register as voters and vote with pride and urged the members of Election Commission to promote the value of ethical voting, participation in the electoral process so that the nation would continue to grow from strength to strength.

          Additional Chief Electoral Officer Pradip Kumar Doley, Deputy Commissioner, Kamrup  Kailash Kartik N  and a host of other dignitaries were present on the occasion.