Immense love – Archita Singarika Sarmah

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Immense love

– Archita Singarika Sarmah

Ever fallen in love with nature!
Yes, I am in love with nature,
When the leaves dance and
Wind blows touching my soul
I feel the real essence of love….
When birds sing
and the butterflies enjoy the freedom
The sky wears a necklace of rainbow
And the sea waves flows and embraces the sea shores
And the sun rays kisses my cheeks
I wear a smile on my face
I am lost in the bossom of nature
Suddenly I wake up from the world of my love
And find myself surrounded by callous people
“Please, don’t be ruthless
don’t pollute her
don’t kill her .. …..
See, she is suffocated….”
But my cry goes in vain
They are deaf ..
I see my love dying in pain
And I, I am helpless….

When will they realise your worth
I inquest…….

Away, away, from men and towns,
I will take you
To the silent wilderness,
Where the soul will live in peace……