The Joint Venture!-Rajashree Haloi Kalita

The Joint Venture!
I want to pen down,
Not knowing what to write!
At the present moment too,
I really want to
pen my feelings out
in a white sheet of paper
with a dark blue ink pen!
The pen will draw out
What is playing hide and seek inside.
The joint collaboration of
the pen and paper seems to be a long affair.
The pen is peacefully drawing
And the paper is happy being embraced
With so many emotions being penned down with a single color.
Being an eager reader,
I am waiting outside of the Notepad,
ecstatically waiting
To read up the joint venture!
But the venture is a never ending one.
None of them are eager to
Leave each other.
The pages are being filled up,
One after the other,
and the curious Me
in a hope to unravel the joint venture!
*Rajashree Haloi Kalita