Mobile – Nitishman Das

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-Nitishman Das

The most wondering thing in the world is mobile,

It can save many important docs or file.

I wonder how greatly this machine was made,

Many people start using mobile trade.

It’s the medicine, it’s the poison,

Use it carefully! to every person.

The childs has started playing games,

Some games are terrific as a great flame.

Mobile has the important flashlight,

Which was mostly useful in dark night.

Mobile has also the famous radio,

Mobile’s radio has clear audio.

Mobile has the most useful and used camera,

It’s the greatest feature of the whole era.

Mobile has also the useful mic,

It can be use as karaoke, for picnic.

Mobile has the important wifi and data,

Data is the one, people used mega.

Mobile has the important telephone,

We can change mobile’s ringtone.

Famous apps on the mobile is facebook, YouTube and whatsapp,

Miss use can be a frightening trap.