Governor unveils the statue of Dr.Rajendra Prasad at Raj Bhavan

Governor unveils the statue of Dr.Rajendra Prasad at Raj Bhavan

Guwahati, December 3: Assam Governor Prof. JagdishMukhi unveiled a life-sized statue of  the first President of the nation Bharat Ratna Dr Rajendra Prasad in  presence of Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, First Lady of the State, Smt Prem Mukhi, granddaughter of  Dr. Rajendra Prasad Smt. Tara Sinha, Riniki Bhuyan in Raj Bhavan today.

Unveiling the statue at a function held on the occasion of the 137th birth anniversary of Dr. Rajendra Prasad today, the Governor narrated the instrumental role of Dr.Rajendra Prasad in India’s freedom struggle and in framing the constitution. He also said that he was a source of inspiration to every citizen of this great nation and his distinguished contributions in nation building, his legal acumen and his noble ideals on democracy will continue to inspire the countrymen. He further said that he was an ideal leader and is an inspiration to many leaders. His humbleness and erudition will always be an inspiration for the younger generation.

The Governor while paying rich tributes to Dr.Rajendra Prasad said, “We are grateful and proud to the freedom fighters who gave us a free India. Among them is the legend Dr.Rajendra Prasad who contributed every bit for freedom and justice and led the nation to growth and prosperity.” He also said that he personified humility and lived by the principles of ‘Simple living and high thinking’.

The Governor also shared incidents from the life of Dr. Rajendra Prasad who was a gifted scholar and highly intellectual. Once, in an exam there were 10 questions and the students were to solve any 5. Prasad attempted all 10 and wrote on his answer sheet “Check any 5”. The examiner was so impressed by Prasad’s answers that he commented “Examinee is better than examiner”.

Chief Minister Dr.Himanta Biswa Sarma speaking on the occasion said that he is pleased to have come to this momentous program as this is a fitting tribute to Dr. Prasad, the finest architect of modern India. He expressed that after 2014, the Government is trying hard to establish the efforts of all the freedom fighters who somehow went into oblivion in the annal  of Indian freedom struggle. He said that installing the statue at Raj Bhavan is a noble initiative, through which posterity can learn about the real hero. He also said that Dr. Prasad was an erudite scholar, whose knowledge on law and democracy lead India to gain a comprehensive Constitution of all time.

Dr.Tara Sinha, granddaughter of Dr.Rajendra Prasad recalling her grandfather said that he was a multifaceted personality and an institution in himself. She said that Dr Prasad was a staunch servant of India who served his life for his motherland. He barely had time to spend with family. He was a bright scholar, his books were testimony to his sagacity. She lauded the efforts of the Governor for having taken the initiative to install the statue of her grandfather and expressed  happiness to have been invited for the program.  She believes that this initiative will go farther and the rest of the country will take an inspiration from it.

It may be mentioned that the statue of Dr. Rajendra Prasad was sculpted by the renowned sculptor Biren Singha.

Dy Speaker, Numal Momin, Education Minister, Dr. RanojPegu, Handlooms and Textiles Minister, U G Brahma, Revenue Minister Jojen Mohan BTC CEM Pramod Boro, MLA Atul Bora, great granddaughter of  Dr. Rajendra Prasad Mona Sinha, senior officials of the government and a host of dignitaries also graced the solemn function.