Governor attends FICCI’s Annual Women Achievers’ award-giving ceremony

Governor attends FICCI’s Annual Women Achievers’ award-giving ceremony


Guwahati, Rongili Barta:  Assam Governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi attended the Northeast’s Annual Women Achievers’ award-giving ceremony by FICCI Ladies Organisation in Guwahati today.


          Speaking on the occasion as the Chief Guest, Governor Prof. Mukhi said, “It is a noble initiative of the organizer for honouring seven exceptional women achievers from diverse fields and acknowledging their contributions to society each of whom has distinguished themselves in their chosen fields of vocations”. He also said, “In our 5000 year civilization, it has been mentioned in Rig Veda that God stays at a place where women are worshipped. Even in Upanishad it has been mentioned that ‘Matri Deva Bhaba’ i.e. ‘Your Mother is your Goddess”. Therefore, the Governor said that the occasion is not just a common gathering, it is a congregation of intelligence and creativity.

          He also said that in the society, women have always been playing an active role as mother, as wife, as social reformer so on and so forth. For the children mothers are the first teachers of life and they are grown under their observation. Referring to famous youth icon Swami Vivekananda who once said, ‘A country which does not respect a woman, can never become great’, the Governor appealed to all to pay adequate respect to the women for strengthening the foundation of the society.


          He also emphasised on the role of women in North East and said that, Northeast the beautiful part of the country is known for its matriarchal leanings, and hence women have shared a significant social space as compared to most of their contemporaries living in other parts of the Indian sub-continent. Women in India’s northeast have made ground breaking contribution in their respective fields. He also mentioned the progress of Lovlina Borgohain, Mirabai Chanu, Hima Das, Mary Kom who contributed immensely to their respective fields and have brought laurels to the nation. As such celebrating the success of women and their journey towards scaling the highest level of excellence is something which is worth emulating.


          The Governor also said that, Empowerment of women is the cornerstone for rapid socio-economic growth of the country. With India leading the growth story, the country is in a position to provide the huge demand of human resources including its abundant youth resources. To achieve this growth, women will have to play the role of a catalyst to propel the growth of the society.

Chairperson, FLO Northeast Suruchi Agarwal and Sr. Vice-Chairperson, FLO Northeast Meghali Das were also present at the award-giving ceremony.