Governor attends 60 days Anti-drugs, tobacco and liquor awareness campaign

Governor attends 60 days Anti-drugs, tobacco and liquor awareness campaign

Requests parents to spend quality time and help their wards moral character to beat the influence of contraband drugs

Guwahati, Rongili Barta- Assam Governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi urged upon the parents to spend quality time with their children and provide them a loving, stable and secure home environment as strong family ties and high moral character can help in ensuring a drug-free society.

            Speaking at a programme held as a part of a ‘60 Day Anti Drug Tobacco and Liquor Awareness campaign’ organised by Byatikram MASDO at ITA Centre for Performing Arts here today, Governor Prof. Mukhi said that in the light of burgeoning abuse of contraband drugs along with the use of alcohol and tobacco, parental guidance and counselling coupled with strong moral character can help the youth to stay away from the scourge of these substances. The Governor also said, “The menace of drugs is spoiling the society.  Therefore, to ensure a drug-free society social organizations should put up a collective effort and work in tandem with the government to defeat the negative forces emanating from the abuse of drugs, tobacco and alcohol”. He also said that the social organizations should work dedicatedly to create awareness about the vicious cycle of drugs and alcohol and the harms they are inflicting on the society.

The Governor also said that the abuse of drugs, alcohol and tobacco have a detrimental effect on the youth. They are hampering the growth of the society.  He further said, “Youth are full of energy and spirit and it is one of the formative periods of one’s life. Therefore, this period should be thoughtfully used to channelize youth energy to some constructive purposes”.

 Prof.Mukhi also said that drug intake is a big disease and everyone should come out of it. Consumption of drugs, liquor and tobacco can do no good but can pose fatal effect on one’s life. The Governor also called upon the students present on the occasion to work dedicatedly and focus on the bright future. He also said that he would support and help in every possible way to help the society to come out of the pangs of drug, alcohol and tobacco.

            The Governor wished the awareness campaign success and appealed to all sections of the society at large to show its positive resolve against drug abuse. The Governor urged upon the teachers and educational institutions to motivate the youth towards sports, music and also contribute to national development and not to get indulged in such harmful practices. He also called upon the social organisations to work cooperatively with the law enforcing agencies like police organisation to help the society come out of the influence of contraband drugs.

        It may be noted that the awareness campaign was earlier flagged by the Governor Prof Jagdish Mukhi at Raj Bhavan to generate mass awareness against consumption of contraband drugs, liquor and tobacco.

ADGP Hiren Nath, MD, ASDM  Ankur Jain, Director NERIM Dr.Sangeeta Tripathy, Entrepreneur Ghanshyam Dhanuka, former MLA Shiladitya Deb  along with a host of other dignitaries and students attended the awareness campaign.