Constitution day celebrated at Raj Bhavan

Constitution day celebrated at Raj Bhavan

Governor calls upon everybody for special efforts to uphold Fundamental Duties

Guwahati, November 26: “The beauty of our Constitution lies in its flexible character which can be changed as per the needs of the exigencies of time”, said Assam Governor Prof Jagdish Mukhi while addressing a function held on the occasion of the 72nd Constitution Day at Raj Bhavan today.

Speaking on the occasion, Governor Prof. Mukhi said that the most remarkable feature about Indian Constitution is that its philosophy is everlasting- but its structure and clauses are flexible. The Constitution framers were far sighted enough to give future generations the power to amend and change clauses as may be needed with the times. The beauty of the Constitution is that it is changed as per the needs of the requirement, the Governor observed.

Prof. Mukhi further said, “Our Constitution is supreme and over and above everything and everyone else. It is something that we worship in democracy.  Constitution is meant for the well being of the public. It is such an important document that everybody should have fair knowledge of it. Therefore, Constitution should be taught right from the school. The school students, public and everyone in general should read the constitution and thereby know their rights and duties.”

He also said, “Constitution is not a secret book only meant for the advocates or the top bureaucrats.  The common masses should have fair amount of knowledge about the Constitution.  The social organizations, schools and colleges should observe the Constitution day in such a manner so as to promote the spirit of Fundamental Rights and Duties enshrined in the Constitution.”

The Governor also said that the Constitution of India is considered as the supreme law providing framework for the governance of the country. As this document is created by the Constituent Assembly and adopted by the people of the country, it ensures constitutional supremacy rather than the parliamentary supremacy.

Prof. Mukhi further said that time has come for all to focus on duties. As everyone know, fundamental rights are legally enforceable, there is no adequate instrument by which fundamental duties can be enforced. He, therefore, urged upon all to reflect on fundamental duties and make them an integral part of their daily disposition.

Retd. Judge of Gauhati High Court Justice B.P. Katakey, while delivering the keynote address discussed the need for safeguarding the Civil, Political and Economic Rights of the people within the framework of the Constitution of India, how they are to be safeguarded by creating relevant constitutional provisions as well as the judicial pronouncements of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. He also dealt on the various relevant provisions of the Constitution of India vis-à-vis the Civil i.e., the right over the land; political i.e. representation in the House of People and in the State Assembly and economic i.e. reservation in employment.

Advisor Education, Government of Assam Prof. Nani Gopal Mahanta while speaking on the occasion said that in spite of the challenging facets of Indian society emanated from the fallout of partition, casteism, poverty and the diversity with regard to the plethora of ethnic communities, the Indian Constitution is an immense success because of the civilizational values. He also said that symmetrical federalism of Indian Constitution such as the division of powers between centre and states is a major benchmark along with the asymmetrical federalism like implementation of Sixth and Fifth schedule of Indian Constitution.

Speaker, Assam Legislative Assembly Biswajit Daimary, Advocate General Devojit Saikia, Chairperson Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission Kumar Sanjay Krishna, APSC Chairman Rajib Bora, Director, Sainik Welfare, Assam Brig. N.D. Joshi (Retd.), former DGP Mukesh Sahay, senior government officials, members from the legal fraternity, faculty and students of law college and representatives from media houses and other dignitaries were also present at the function.