What did the Pandemic taught me?-Prantar Buragohain.


What did the Pandemic taught me?

The world saw a very uncommon and unimaginable situation in the year 2020. I don’t know whether I was glad/unlucky or lucky enough to be a part of it. But indeed I am happy that this time is passing slowly and the good old situations of normalcy are returning. But indeed as said: experiences whether good or bad may do many things, but one thing that it does in common is that it give us is a lesson. But for me I will say that it had taught me many lessons, some of these are which I am going to share here,


Food is basic and above all: I may appear a small boy who is writing a common fact in the name of experience but indeed, it was a lesson. When lockdowns were imposed I have seen no one talking about new dress, cosmetics, electronic gadgets, even some forgot medicines but one thing that no one forgot was food. The grocery sellers were the kings at that time. Everything was closed but the grocery shops were open. It reminded me of the very old statement “no matter how much gold, silver or diamond you earn you cannot eat them, you can only eat food”. So this is a reminder for me and the reader too that respect food like nothing else as it is the base of our existence.


Your family is your first preference: I am not trying to say that all others are not important but, during such crisis it was your family with which you lived, you passed your time. Your family only cared the most of you. I got to know about the undeniable fact that your family members are naturally bound to be with you in the worst situations. Thus you should never reduce your preference for them.


 Human needs human, man needs man and people need people: I really got to know this lesson that man cannot live without man. If you are the only man living in this world than you are the most unlucky person I would say. All people that you live with, your relatives, friends, and even the people you meet every day, the shopkeepers, milkman, newspaper hawkers, vegetable seller and neighbors etc they all make a part of your life. So, be friendly with all and remain good with all. We don’t know when we get apart and may not meet again. Our life is colorful with peoples colouring it. Talking

with my father one day during lockdowns I listened to a very interesting thing which he said “ have you seen the wooden pillars of a house or a hotel, Why are they so shiny, its not because they are barnished well but it is because of the very fact that people touch them regularly, the touch of people have magic, it has the capacity to increase life of non- living things”. I really thought of it very deeply, old temples regularly visited, the old statues and even furniture’s regularly touched remain so strong. But things not touched looses its shine and strength. Will you like to go to a market which has abundance of things and lots of sellers but has no buyers or is empty? I am sure that no one will like. People feels a sense of comfort in with people that’s the reason people go to theme parks, parks, seminars or places that are crowded. So my aim that I have made is to be friendly to all and have no enemy in life. Such pandemics and unforeseen contingencies are sufficient to make people separate so why waste time fighting and quarreling. From this notion I made a Quote with which I will like to end it for now

“With people living in, even huts look lively.

But with no one living, a bungalow too appears haunted”…………………….. Prantar Buragohain.


These three are some of the lessons I learned from the pandemic……more will be written maybe another day.