Success- Rajlakshmi Borthakur

Pc Dainik Bhaskar


Success is the goal of everyone’s life. No one can achieve success in life without hard work. Everyone in this world has some dream or goal to achieve which he works sincerely . It is a good thing to dream about some goal in life and achieving that goal is our success. We should work hard and use our time properly to make our life’s dream come true. Success come only to those who sincerely work hard for their success. People should use their time properly and work hard and work accordingly to make their dreams come true. Failure is also a part of success. We don’t need to be disappointed by our failure rather we need to learn from our failure. Where we have made mistakes. We need to identify them and correct them. A successful person is the one who uses his time properly to achieve his goal. Achieving success requires a lot of hard work dedication, motivation etc. Success come only to those who pursue their goal with their determination. It can never be taken advantage of by those people who only dream of being successful in their goal and do nothing to achieve it.

Rajlakshmi Borthakur
Debraj Roy College Golaghat