Rain Drop-Nitishman Das


Rain Drop

It’s journey start from the deep blue sky,

It seems that the blue heaven will cry.

While raining the clouds release raindrops,

It helps for the girth of farm’s crops.

While this time the weather turns to cold,

“Go inside house or ready to wet” the grey clouds told.

When clouds contact they fight, and make a lightning,

After this the sky started raining.

Raindrops kills the dust and sand,

These are raindrops most hated friend.

The raindrops feed water to the trees and plant,

The raindrops fails like they’re independent.

From blue sky it goes to underground,

While falling on mountain it make sound.

From the mountain it goes to mountain’s small stream,

From the stream, fall on the ocean are their dream.

When the droplets arrive by river on the town,

The dam catch it, and this water we own.

-Nitishman Das