On being a lady-Puja Tiwari

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On being a lady

To the girl, who had dreams
of her own;
To the maiden, who learnt
how to build a home…
t become a constant,a positive
and a prime;
Nurturing souls, parenting before their time.

To the lady that turn into a women,
and to the women who gave life to all men.
She carries a soul,
to bear it within her own.
Endurting it all,
her womb for nine your home.

Remember the girl who had a
dream of her own?
The maiden who learned to built a home ?
She is your constant, Your positive,
Your prime.
She nurtured souls and
parented before her time.

The girl turn into a women.
And the maiden your mother.
Love her, honor her, respect her.
The epitome of women, like your mother.
Unconditonal love given like no other.
Only for you to prent and give to another.

Puja Tiwari