My Superhero -Nitishman Das

Pc Dna India

My Superhero

Father is the world’s endless worksman,

And gave us cool air like a fan.

They are the world’s most liked tree,

Which give the whole family shade for free.

You cheer me the best at every game,

All the way until you walk through the hall of fame.

Father is the person of families pride,

For the child he become horse and give a ride.

Father can be the best trusted friend,

And nobody can do this friendship the end.

There once was a time when you held my hand,

You’re always by my side, giving me strength to stand.

When I would cry myself to sleep every night,

 Also make my life by cuddling like a light.

You used to tuck me in throughout the night,

Even maded the darkness seemed all right.

You taught me to face my fear,

I never let you feel sad! I swear.

You revive me whenever I felt cold,

That’s the proof which says you have heart of gold.

-Nitishman Das