My Soul For the Nation- ANKURAN  DAS


My Soul For the Nation

It was the boastful morning of 12 May, 1999. This morning had a significance of its own  as I have got leave from the disciplined life of Indian army.  I was enjoying with my wife Meena and my only daughter But suddenly a call came from the head office, it
was Mazor Ram Singh Saying, ”War has been declared between India and Pakistan. So your leave has been cancelled and you must return to the camp as early as possible.” I at once get ready for my departure. Then came  the time to say goodbye to say goodbye to my beloved family. But this time there was not the usual goodbye from my wife, Meena. She was weeping as usual but this time there her weeping said other words. She ran towards me and hugged me as if it was the last time she was hugging me. I only said, “ Country is calling me, Dear. But don’t worry if God wants we will meet again.” Saying this I left my house and sat on the bus.


I reached the camp. There was as usual business of the soldier. But all had a scared and horrified look on their faces. Then we were all called by our seniors. We were all given a brief explanation on the plan to tackle the attack of the Pakistani soldier.  We were all divided into four troops. I was in the troop which has to destroy the sub camp. After we all took the weapons and proceed towards the battlefield. We reached the battle field but to our surprise we saw some wires shining out of the white snow. I suspected it could be Mines been planted, so I throwed stones over it and bang!!. My suspicion was right. I asked for the mine detector but to my surprise, we had forgotten to bring it. Everyone got worried. Seeing their worried faces I said, “Country is calling for our lives. Then why not sacrifice it” and I proceeded alone. Seeing me everyone followed me.


We proceeded and reached closer to the sub camp of our rivals, Pakistan. Then came the firing from the pakistanis. We also gave tit for tat by firing back. Then came a life taking Hand grandee from the Pakistanis which blasted a little away from me in which a newly joined soldier was badly injured and about to die. We all went to him. He said, “Friends, I have sacrificed my life. But God has been very unfair. He has taken life of two individuals with only one granade , Me and my blind and widowed mother who lives alone in the village.” Then I said sadly,

“Friend, Don’t worry. I will not let your Sacrifice go in vain.”. Then he said, “Jai Hind”. Then he breathed  his last.

Again we left him and proceeded in our mission. We started shooting and killing the Pakistani soldier. Then we again proceeded further. Then at the blink of my eye struck my closest friend, Akshat. He fall on my hands and said,” Friend, I had an promise to be fulfilled . The promise that I made to my wife that I will come back. But I am not sad, in fact I am proud to die for the sake of my motherland.” Saying this he breathed his last. His words filled my heart with grief and determination. I began seeing all the Pakistanis as my prey and started hunting them. I proceeded even faster than before. We soon killed all the soldiers present in the sub  camp. We planted a time bomb on the sub- camp and destroyed it. Then we raised our national flag as the mark of our success. At that moment my heart filled with joy and pride. I felt that the soul have got satisfaction and telling to me, “ Thanks friend for not letting our sacrifices go in vain.” I contacted our seniors on the wireless and gave the good news. We were asked to return back to the camp.


After some days all the troops were successful in their respective mission. And the Indian army has devasted the Pakistani army. I was very proud and happy for the country. But when  I saw the lifeless bodies of the brave soldiers my heart filled with grief.  I guessed they may have families, old parents and children at their home whose they were the only support. Now what will happen to them.  Now I understand the feelings of my beloved Meena and the reason for her unusual good bye.

After some days I was again granted leave. I stand in front of the door. My wife watched me in such a way that she never expected my arrival in the house. Her joy knew no bounds after seeing me and she hugged me with her utmost effort and said, “Don’t ever leave me here like this.” I only smiled and said, “Dear, this is my duty and I feel it is my honour and pride to sacrifice my life for a country.”

*The End*

–                                                                                                                                                                                                          ANKURAN  DAS

(Tarun chintan)