MCC Mangaldoi Conducts Comprehensive Awareness Campaign at Sipajhar College

MCC Mangaldoi Conducts Comprehensive Awareness Campaign at Sipajhar College

Rongili Barta- Mangaldoi’s District Employment Exchange, in collaboration with its Model Career Centre (MCC) and the placement cell of Sipajhar College, arranged an enlightening event on October 3, 2023. This program underlined into the promising job prospects offered by blue-chip companies, the transformative potential of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as offering invaluable guidance for UPSC/APSC exam preparation.

Officials from MCC and the District Employment Exchange passionately elucidated the forthcoming opportunities stemming from blue-chip corporations, blockchain, and AI technologies, while also emphasizing the importance of effective exam preparation for government services.

The event was meticulously organized by the Mangaldoi Employment Exchange and its MCC in collaboration with the Sipajhar College placement cell. Its core objectives revolved around providing career guidance, fostering awareness, and facilitating registrations on the National Career Service (NCS) portal—an ambitious initiative spearheaded by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.

The inaugural ceremony witnessed the presence of distinguished individuals, including Pradip Chandra Deka, the Principal of Sipajhar College, Ajitabh Barman, the Employment Officer from Mangaldoi. Sangeeta Boruah, a Young Professional representing the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, joined them alongside other faculty members from Sipajhar College.

During the event, Mr. Barman illuminated the pervasive role of new technologies in our daily lives and highlighted a range of vocational courses available to students. Ms. Boruah centered her discussion on skill development, entrepreneurship promotion, and vocational guidance. She also emphasized the significance of registering on the NCS portal, elucidating its manifold advantages post-registration.

The program’s success was palpable, as it drew the enthusiastic participation of over 150 students, alongside faculty, lectures and officials.