Light of Life- Nitishman Das

Pc- The Guardian

Light of Life

Mother is the life’s most important,
When our mood off then they gave us encouragement.
Mother say children’s to go to the table,
Only mother know how they face trouble.
other’s smile is similar to a star,
In this time children leave mother going far.
Mother is the god’s most heavenly creation,
Motherless is the world’s most unluckiest person.
Mother hands inspire many young,
They are the statue of unity and strong.
Mother is the world’s greatest warrior,
Mother’s heart is bigger enough a sea in the interior.
Mother have unlimited immunity,
Mother is the example of humanity.
When child fall sick then mother don’t sleep whole night,
Also make the child future bright.
If there’s no mother then the world stops grow,
Mother bring happiness like a funny show.

-Nitishman Das