Governor visits Chamaguri and Dakhinpat Satra in Majuli

Governor visits Chamaguri and Dakhinpat Satra in Majuli

Satras are spreading vaisnavite culture far and wide, transcending all boundaries: Governor

Guwahati, Rongili Barta: Assam Governor Prof. Jagdish along with the first lady today visited Chamaguri Satra in Majuli which is world famous for its age old mask making practices.

Visiting the satra he interacted with the Satradhikar and other devotees. He said that he is mesmerized by the range of performance of masks making.  He said, “It is an important form of traditional art and the entire process about the mask making is quite crafty and unique and the final output that is the mask  becomes  so real that it feels like original characters of the Indian epics”.

The Governor said that the Government is paying great efforts for the enrichment  of the Satras of the state. Encroachment is one of the major problems that satras had faced. However, the present government took decisive steps to free satra lands from encroachment. He also called upon everybody in Majuli to work concertedly to uphold the spirit of the Satras which are the very basis vaishnavite culture.

Exhibition of mask making process was shown to Governor by Satriya Artiste Khagen Goswami and Bhaona was also organized there by the Satra Authority where some epic scenes from the Ramayana were depicted by the  artistes.

Later Governor Prof. Mukhi also visited Dakshinpat satra where he witnessed a cultural program performed by little satriya artistes. On the occasion he said that the vaishnavite saint Sankardeva reformed the Assamese society. His disciples like Madhavdev played a pivotal role to uphold and promote his ideals and philosophies. Before Sankardeva, the Assamese society had faced a huge societal challenges like superstitions, illiteracy etc. But Sankardev had wiped off everything using the method of spiritualism.

 He also said that Satras are playing  a significant role to uphold the ideals of the Gurujona. Majuli is the cradle of satriya culture which reflects the identity of beautiful Assam and they are carrying ethos of vaishnavite far and wide transcending all boundaries . He, expressed hope that Majuli Cultural University which is unique in several ways in imparting education of the rich and colourful culture of the land is being developed into a centre of excellence for cultural education in the Northeast. He said that the university will certainly play a significant role to disseminate the regal ethos of Satras and culture of Majuli.