Governor interacts with students of Yuva Sangam Programme

Governor interacts with students of Yuva Sangam Programme

Guwahati, Rongili Barta-  Assam Governor Gulab Chand Kataria interacted with a group of 95 students from higher education institutions of Assam and Maharashtra under “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” initiative at a programme held in Raj Bhavan.

Talking to the group of students in an interactive programme which was organised as part of the Yuva Sangam programme under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat, the Governor said that students represent the divine energy and they are bridge of goodwill between states. They also provide a strong platform to understand different cultures unique to different states. He said that the student exchange programme will allow young generation of both Assam and Maharashtra  to learn and share values and experiences of each other. He also said, “Yuva Sangam program provides an opportunity for mutual exchange of knowledge that goes far beyond the text books, which promotes deeper understanding of each other’s customs, traditions and languages”.

The Governor during his interaction also said that India is a nation with the largest pool of youth force in the world. Youth participation is most important in the socio-economic and cultural progress of any nation. Therefore, it is important to manage the youth power of the country properly.  Shri Kataria also said, “Yuva Shakti is the force through which our country will prosper. But they need to be given the right direction. They need to be taught to dream and discover.  They are the future of our nation.” He also spoke on the paramount importance of a teacher who acts as a force  to lead the youth  on the way to progress and prosperity. No development would have been possible if there were no teacher. The teachers should inculcate the values of ‘service to humanity’ among the students. They should guide them to contribute to society and the nation.

The Governor also spoke on Vaishnavite Saints Sankardeva and Madhavdeva, Veer Lachit Barphukan and other great heroes who contributed immensely to the growth of the state. Similarly he also spoke about the valour of  Shivaji and Maharana Pratap who also contributed to the progress of their motherland. The Governor also asked the students to take lessons from the rich heritage and the brave leaders of the nation and also asked the students to take inspirations from them. The students were accompanied by Dean of Students’ Affairs Prof. Perumal Alagarsamy, Dean PRBR, IIT-G Dr.Parameshwar Krishnan Iyer and their coordinators.

It may be mentioned that the programme is an initiative of Yuva Sangam Phase III conceptualized by the Ministry of Education to strengthen people to people connect and build empathy among youth across the nation. The programme focuses on conducting exposure tours of the youths studying in higher educational institutions.