Governor holds a briefing session with the officials of Assam Tourism dept

Governor holds a briefing session with the officials of Assam Tourism dept.

Tourism sector should be strengthened for GDP growth in Assam: Governor

Guwahati, Rongili Barta- Assam Governor Gulab Chand Kataria held a briefing session with the key officials of Assam Tourism Department, in presence of its Minister Jayanta Mallabaruah at the conference hall of Raj Bhavan here on Wednesday. During the meeting, the Tourism Minister informed the Governor about various initiatives undertaken by the Department, emphasizing the department’s commitment to expedite transformative changes for the overall tourism sector of the state. He also said that after 2016-2017 a lot of innovative initiatives have been taken to improve the sector. He also said with the guidance of the Governor and the Chief Minister substantial changes would be brought in, to give a new momentum to the tourism sector. Principal Secretary, Tourism dept. Dr.J.B.Ekka gave a presentation of the activities of the department. He highlighted on the branding and promotion, infrastructure development, policy enhancement and festivals and events to promote tourism. The Governor said that Assam is the gateway to South East Asian Nations and a treasure trove of tourism. He said that tourism industry in Assam has huge potential, which can uplift various sectors like hospitality, skill development, handloom and handicraft, culture etc. It creates tremendous opportunity for self employment as well as contributes to employment generation. Moreover, the tourism sector also plays a pivotal role in increasing the GDP of Assam. The Governor also said that nature has bestowed abundantly on the state. Historically too, the state has a huge repository of tourism potentials which needs to be showcased to the world. He said that both the Tourism and Cultural department have to come together to bring out ways to promote the cultural tourism of the state. The Governor also asked the tourism department to prepare a brochure giving the detailed information about all tourist places in the state and give the information on digital platform. He also suggested that the foreign tourists need to be attracted to the state. The Governor also said that tourist kiosks should be set up and strengthened in all the airports. He also said that a Heritage museum should be set up to collect and preserve the objects and materials of religious, cultural and historical value from the ancient times. The meeting was attended by Commissioner and Secretary to the Governor SS Meenakshi Sundaram, Secretary Tourism Dept. Padmapani Bora, Secretary Tourism Dept. Prabhati Thaosen, Director Tourism Dept. Ranuj Borkotoky, senior officers from Tourism Department and Raj Bhavan.