Buzzy Bee- Nitishman Das

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Buzzy Bee

Buzzy bee, Muzzy bee,

Making beehive on the tree.

Different flowers bee found,

Buzz the bee round and round.

What a nice strips of yellow and black!

Having a tiny round neck.

You’re honey, You’re money,

Making honey is a nice strategy.

Kissing the flower deeply,

Made the honey tasty.

Do you feel always happy?

Do you collect honey daily?

We destroy beehive, I’m sorry,

Please forgive, don’t be angry.

Tiny, Shiny what a bee!

You’re good and nice to see!

How do you fly rapidly?

And also where’s your colony?

Please little bee,

Don’t sting at me.

Do you collect honey on rain,

We promise you to destroy your pain.

Buzzy bee, Muzzy bee,

Taking honey to the tree.

-Nitishman Das

Class :- VIII