Assam Governor inaugurates Assam Chapter of  ‘Youth4Nation’

Assam Governor inaugurates Assam Chapter of  ‘Youth4Nation’

Reiterates youth power to propel national development

Guwahati, December: Assam Governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi inaugurated the Assam Chapter of ‘Youth4Nation’ at a programme held at the seminar hall of Royal Global University here today.

The mission has been launched to mould and mobilise the youths for constructive purposes of the country. Speaking on the occasion, Governor Prof. Mukhi while thanking the organization‘Youth4Nation’ said that launching of such a programme would greatly help India where 21 per cent of its people belong to age of 15 to 21 years. He also said that about 10 to 12 million young people in the country become eligible to join the work force every year and this rate would continue for a few more decades. He, therefore, said that it has become an important duty for everybody to guide and train the youths and encourage them to undertake entrepreneurship so as to create employment for themselves and others.

The Governor also underlined the importance of motivating the youths to be inspired by national spirit to help them to reap the benefits of the large and diverse demographic dividend of the country. He also said that worldwide, people are facing acute power shortage, the power that is generated from youths. Considering the large pool of youth population in India, Prof. Mukhi reiterated the need for productively using the youth power to propel growth of the nation.

He said, “India at present is passing through exhilarating times. When we travel around, we really become passionate and enthusiastic to see the beaming confidence of our potential youth forces. For the first time in the last three hundred years, we have received the respect of almost all the major countries”. He, therefore, asked the youths to carry forward this momentum and help India to become a developed economy. He also said that to enhance the speed of this target, congenial environment have to be created for new job avenues and new wealth. The Governor also exhorted that youths are the band of people who can lead the task of creation of new jobs and wealth.

Terming the youth as the most productive period of one’s life which can bring about drastic changes, Prof. Mukhi hailed the ‘Youth4Nation’ for its initiative of starting a chapter in Assam which would essentially indulge in promotional activities starting with the “Do You Know That?” series of online posters highlighting the rich culture and heritage of the country.

It may be mentioned that ‘Youth4Nation’ is a nationwide initiative to connect with the youth in the colleges and universities in order to inculcate and enrich nationalistic thought process in the young minds of India.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by Chief National Coordinators Prof.G.S.Murthy and Lt.Gen.V.K.Chaturvedi, State Coordinators Prof.N.C.Bhattacharya, Prof. Dilip Borah, VC Royal Global University Prof.S.P.Singh, faculty members and research scholars.