Assam Governor attends 61st Annual Conference of Bodo Sahitya Sabha

Assam Governor attends 61st Annual Conference of Bodo Sahitya Sabha

Appreciates Bodo Sahitya Sabha in enriching Bodo language and literature

Guwahati, Rongili Barta : Assam Governor Prof.Jagdish Mukhi along with the President Shri Ram Nath Kovind, Chief Minister Dr.Himanta Biswa Sarma attended the 61st Annual Conference of Bodo Sahitya Sabha in Tamulpur.

Speaking at the annual conference, the Governor  said that Bodo language is an ancient and sweet language and its literature is  very rich. The Bodo language was included in the Eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution in 2004.  Bodo Sahitya Sabha since its inception has been doing an important role of promoting Bodo language and literature as well as maintaining its glorious traditions and culture intact.

               Prof. Mukhi also said  “Literature is the reflection of the society and has an important place in human life. Many litterateurs believe that human life is incomplete without literature as the society gets knowledge from it. Through literature we can gather a better understanding of culture and have a greater appreciation of them and the creation of literature is possible only through language. Hence there is a relationship of interdependence between language and literature. In the creation of literature, the “mother tongue” i.e. the native language has an important contribution.”

“Without Knowledge and study of mother tongue everything is meaningless. Mother tongue enables every Indian to connect with India and understand the world. Our Indian Languages have contributed immensely to the uplift of Indian culture. In the NEP 2020 also, importance has been laid for the use and promotion of Indian languages” the Governor added.

The Governor further appealed all the educational, social and cultural organizations including the Bodo Sahitya Sabha to come forward and ensure their participation in implementing the NEP. With this new education policy, the dream of preserving and promoting our Indian languages will be fulfilled.

Highlighting on the importance of literature, the Governor said that the more literature is created in a society, the more powerful and prosperous that society becomes. He is happy that a good amount of creative and literary works have been done under the Bodo Sahitya Sabha and it is also doing a lot of commendable works. He also hoped that the conference showcasing the rich literary and cultural role of Bodo Sahitya Sabha would go a long way in creating a new paradigm of literary and cultural revolution of the State.

The First lady of India Savita Kovind, Chief Minister Sikkim Prem Singh Tamang, Chief Minister Meghalaya Conrad Sangma, Speaker Assam Legislative Assembly Biswajit Daimari, Minister for Handloom & Textile, Soil Conservation and Welfare of Bodoland  Urkhao Gwra Brahma, CEM of BTR Pramod Boro, President Bodo Sahitya Sabha Toren Boro along with a host of dignitaries were present at the annual conference