3rd Folk Tea Festival: A Celebration of Folk Culture, Adventure and the Bicentenary of Assam Tea

3rd Folk Tea Festival: A Celebration of Folk Culture, Adventure and the Bicentenary of Assam Tea

Biswanath Chariali,Rongili Barta- Get ready for the highly anticipated 3rd Folk Tea Festival, a spectacular event that embraces folk culture, adventure, and rural tourism. This year holds exceptional historical significance as we celebrate the 200th anniversary of Assam Tea.  The festival is scheduled to take place amidst the enchanting surroundings of the Hatipoti Small Tea Garden from November 24 to 26 and will be inaugurated by the renowned singer, Joi Barua. Addressing a press conference, Debabrta Medhi and Bhaskar Bora on behalf of the local organizers. informed that The 3rd Folk Tea Festival boasts a groundbreaking pictorial exhibition, a first of its kind within a tea garden in Assam, highlighting the history and heritage of tea production in the region—a vital part of Assam’s culture. A collaborative effort by local entrepreneurs primarily from the tea, farming, and education sectors, along with the active involvement of the local village community, has brought this incredible event to life. The three-day festival offers a diverse range of captivating programs that promise to engage, entertain, and educate visitors of all ages. The festival has been supported by ATDC, Tea Board of India & India Tourism to promote tea as rural tourism.

Key Highlights of the 3rd Folk Tea Festival:

Pictorial Exhibition: In honor of the bicentenary of Assam Tea, this captivating exhibition offers a unique glimpse into the rich history and heritage of tea production in the region, showcasing its integral role in Assam’s culture. Art & Craft Exhibition: Students from the Government College of Arts & Craft, Guwahati, will dazzle visitors with their artistic creations, shining a spotlight on the region’s creative talents. Stargazing and Space Exploration: Accomplished astrophysicists from Guwahati will set up telescopes within the tea garden, inviting students and the community to explore the mysteries of the cosmos, fostering a passion for astronomy. Documentary Screening: “Camellia,” a documentary produced by the Film Division of India and directed by the nationally acclaimed filmmaker Samujjal Kashyap, offers an immersive look at Assam tea’s remarkable journey. Tea-Making Demonstration: Food expert Atul Lahkar will guide visitors through the lost art of tea-making, providing an intimate understanding of the tea production process. Musical Extravaganza: Renowned artists, including Rupam Bhuyan, Orghodeep, and a four-member group of Bauls from Shantiniketan, will grace the festival with captivating musical performances. Folk Music Evolution: Dr. Hirak Jyoti Sharma will take the audience on a mesmerizing journey through the centuries, exploring the evolution of folk music in Assam. Bhaona & Jhumur: Local villagers will enchant the audience with Bhaona performances and Jhumur dances on separate nights of the festival. Adventure and Camping: Nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers can connect with the natural beauty of the tea garden through camping experiences. Car Rally: An exciting car rally through the Arunachal foothills, passing by Sijusa and Pratapgarh tea estates, will provide a unique historical perspective, including a visit to the cemetery of Robert Bruce, the discoverer of tea. Please note that the car rally’s approval is subject to confirmation by the district authority due to border disputes in the region.

Admission Information:

There are two booking fee options for festival entry: one for campers and another for non-campers. Special entry fees are available for locals, and there is no entry fee for local villagers and students participating in the “Star Party” program. This festival promises to attract visitors from both within and outside Assam, uniting the community in a celebration of culture, adventure, and the legacy of Assam tea. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to this grand event and sharing the magic of Pabhoi Tea Garden.

For more information, ticket bookings, and updates, please visit our official festival website: www.folktea.in

Media Contacts:

Bhaskar Bora (Phone: 9864790020)

Debabrta Medhi (Phone: 9435040998)